Westermost Rough OFTO preferred bidder appointed

OFTOTransmission Investment

Ofgem selects Transmission Capital Partners to take ownership of the connections to the Westermost Rough offshore wind farm.

Transmission Capital Partners is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as preferred bidder to take ownership of the connections to the 210MW Westermost Rough offshore wind farm. The Westermost Rough offshore wind farm, located in the North Sea approximately eight kilometres off the coast of Yorkshire, comprises 35 wind turbines. The estimated value of the transmission assets is £172.3m. This is the first project to be awarded under the third round of offshore transmission owner (“OFTO”) tendering.

This project adds to the five projects (Robin Rigg, Gunfleet Sands, Barrow, Ormonde and Lincs) that Transmission Capital Partners already manages. The total capital value for the five projects is in excess of £600 million.

In addition, Transmission Capital Partners is shortlisted for the one remaining project within the current round of OFTO tendering.

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