About Us

What we do

We provide specialist services to investors in high voltage electricity assets covering technical and commercial assurance, and development, construction and operations management.

Although we cover all forms of electricity transmission and distribution, we are particularly active in the transmission of offshore renewable energy and the development of international electricity interconnectors.

Working with investor partners, we develop, procure, construct, own and operate transmission assets. In particular, we work through our joint venture company Transmission Capital Partners to acquire and manage offshore wind farm connections under the UK’s Offshore Transmission Owner (OFTO) regime.

Profits generated in the business are reinvested into the business to provide the financial capacity to grow the team and the number, scope and scale of projects in development.

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Our Mission

We facilitate confident investment in complex infrastructure by providing best-in-class sector knowledge and experience to ensure that investments can be made with a complete understanding of the investment risks.

We do this for ourselves and for others as we invest both our own capital and we seek to facilitate investment by others who rely on our knowledge and experience. We have a proven track record in delivering target investment yield and return.

We bring an entrepreneurial development mentality, strong management discipline and a thorough understanding of the electricity transmission sector. Our skill set combines technical, procurement, commercial, financial and regulatory disciplines to provide a complete understanding and ability to manage any sector risk.

Our Values

Integrity – we conduct business with the highest standards of integrity, for example in supporting industry dialogue with a fair, honest and transparent approach.

Determination – we consistently strive to excel in our business in order to create value for us, our partners and clients.

Reliability – our reputation is built on our in-depth experience of the electricity industry and our solid track record.

Responsiveness – we are committed to always meeting or exceeding our partners’ and clients’ expectations in order to build long-lasting trust-based relationships.


We can lead the whole infrastructure development process, or provide development services on specific aspects only.

Our experience in the sector allows us to correctly identify potential project sites, and to manage grid connection, property rights acquisition, planning and environmental, engineering and constructability issues.

We also assess project economics and investability, including devising detailed project financial models that show whether equity and debt investor requirements will be met.

Operations Management

We are the largest provider of operations management and high voltage services in GB offshore with more than 10 years of Offshore Transmission Owner (OFTO) operations management experience across a growing portfolio of offshore grid connections.

We offer our robust asset management framework and best in class assurance expertise to deliver competitive cost effective operations and maintenance solutions to ensure sites operate safely and efficiently.

We proactively manage technical and operational challenges to create value to investors as confirmed by our track of records including our industry leading asset availability performance (99.88%).

Our team

Chris Veal

Managing Director

Mike Lee

Engineering Director

Paul Bennett

Commercial Director

James Dickson

Project Development Director

Dominik Adamus

Procurement and Construction Director

Mark Fitch

Corporate Development Director

Gemma Laurie

Finance Director

George Brown

Senior Asset Manager

Jane Brown

Assistant Management Accountant

Karolina Carvalho

Power Systems Engineer

Abi Cowing cropped

Abi Cowing

Development Associate

Alan Davenport

Power Systems Development Engineer

Brian Dunn

Procurement Manager

Emma Fairey

HR Operations Manager

David Firth

HV Technician

Mike Gordon

Senior Electrical Engineer

Michael Hook cropped

Mike Hook

Power Systems Project Engineer

Jon Janz

Senior Asset Manager

James Kelly

Civil Engineer

Aaron Kennett

Asset Manager

David Mackenzie

Asset Manager

David Knox

HV Technician

Euan Mackenzie

Senior Asset Manager

Kyle Macleod

Asset Manager

James Martin

Senior Asset Manager

Brandon Law cropped

Brandon Law

Senior Commercial Operations Manager

Steve Lawtey

Senior Asset Manager

Kirsty McGuigan

Development Associate

Keith Morrison

LirIC Project Director

Nadia Martinez

Financial Controller

Colin Nicol

Senior Asset Manager

Andrew Noakes

Commercial Analyst

Taiwo Ogun

Taiwo Ogun

Assistant Project Manager


Greg Shand

Senior Commercial Manager

Bruce Turner

Deputy Head of Asset Management

David White

Head of Operations


We are always looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about the transition to a low carbon world, the electricity sector’s role within it, and who are eager to work in a stimulating workplace alongside our dedicated team. We pride ourselves on the positive and friendly culture within our company, our can-do attitude and our dedication.

Employee well-being is at the heart of our business and we offer many benefits which reflect this.

If you are looking for new opportunities, we’d like to hear from you.

Employer recognition

Transmission Investment has been officially recognised as a Great Place to Work and has also been awarded a We invest in people, Silver.