GSS Projects

Grid Stability Services are critical to support the energy transition and the growth of renewable generation. These are procured by the tender processes run by the GB system operator.

Transmission Investment has taken part in two of the NOA Pathfinder tenders run by the GB System Operator to procure additional system inertia and short circuit infeed. We have been successful in both tenders, having been awarded contracts by the GB System Operator for projects at four sites: Blackhillock (Scotland); and Richborough, Hartmoor and Landulph (England).

Our development, engineering, procurement, construction and commercial expertise in infrastructure projects, together with our knowledge of the regulatory framework and our operations management experience have been key drivers of our success to date.

What we do

  • Tendering – TI bids for the GSS project through tender processes run by the GB System Operator.
  • Development – TI develops the project to FID, obtaining the required land rights, consents and grid connections.
  • Procurement – TI seeks and negotiates EPC contracts for the supply and installation of the required civils, equipment and grid connection.
  • Construction – at FID, TI typically sells the project to a third party who funds the construction with TI providing construction management services.
  • Operations – TI manages the GSS projects for the life of the service contract, providing O&M and asset management services.

Map of projects