Operations Management

Our team is the most experienced operations management team in the GB offshore transmission sector with 180 person-years of experience in electricity transmission and 80 person-years in offshore transmission. We are the largest provider of high voltage operations management services in GB offshore with 12 strong asset managers, with 10 years of OFTO operations management across 9 OFTOs (50+ OFTO years experience).

We proactively manage technical and commercial challenges to create value to investors as successfully demonstrate by our excellent track of records: we have industry leading availability performance (99.88%) and no LTIs since first asset taken under management in March 2011.

Our robust asset management framework and our best-in-class assurance expertise deliver competitive cost-effective operations and maintenance solutions.

For more details on our Operations Management Services download details from links in the section below. For any question on our services please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the Contact Us page.

TI Operations Management:
safely maximising availability at lowest lifetime cost

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