As a leading business in the offshore transmission sector, we leverage our knowledge and experience in developing, operating and managing, and acquiring electricity assets. For example, we provide all of the industry expertise necessary to bid, acquire and manage the OFTO assets, through our joint venture company Transmission Capital Partners.

We provide Transaction Technical and Commercial Assurance to investors on investment opportunities in respect of HV electricity assets, and other related sectors.

We provide Specialist Management Services for Investors including development, construction and operations management services to investors on HV electricity assets.


From origination to construction, we have capability across all facets of electricity transmission infrastructure.

Our teams apply expert know-how and extensive experience to the development of our own and others’ projects.

Operations Management

We manage onshore and offshore transmission assets, as well as interconnectors. We have over 180 person-years of combined experience in electricity transmission and unrivalled knowledge of the GB offshore sector.

We offer a wide range of solutions that include High Voltage (HV) operations and maintenance services, commercial O&M management and O&M planning and development advisory.

We have the most experienced operations management team in the GB offshore transmission sector with 80-person years in offshore transmission, and with 50+ OFTO project years of experience.