OFTO Projects

How we work

There have been more than 25 offshore transmission networks tendered by Ofgem to date. Our technical and commercial expertise in power infrastructure, together with our knowledge of the regulatory framework and our invaluable operations management experience have been key drivers of our success to date.


Transmission Investment is a 50% shareholder in the Transmission Capital Partners (TCP) consortium, a leading player in the offshore transmission sector which has bid in every offshore transmission tender run by Ofgem so far. TCP has successfully acquired eight projects and is preferred bidder on a further two projects.

Transmission Investment’s role in the consortium covers three distinct phases:

  1. At Invitation to Tender Stage: we perform technical, commercial and regulatory assurance on the offshore transmission network being tendered;
  2. If successful, at Preferred Bidder Stage: we finalise technical, legal and insurance due diligence and all commercial, regulatory and industry arrangements necessary to complete the acquisition;
  3. Upon acquisition completion: we perform technical, commercial and regulatory operations management of the offshore transmission network both on a day-to-day basis and with a view of the whole life of the assets.

Map of projects