Westermost Rough OFTO licence awarded

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Transmission Capital Partners, the consortium comprising Transmission Capital Partners LP (TCP LP) and International Public Partnerships Limited (INPP) has reached financial close for the long-term license and operation of its sixth UK offshore transmission project, Westermost Rough (the OFTO).INPP will make a £27 million investment for 100% of the equity and subordinated debt of the OFTO, with the senior debt for the project of £155 million being jointly provided by the European Investment Bank and Aviva.The OFTO will connect a windfarm containing thirty-five 6MW turbines located 8km off the coast of Yorkshire to the onshore grid network, providing enough electricity to power around 150,000 UK homes. The OFTO will be managed by Transmission Capital Services Limited (a subsidiary of TCP LP) under a management services agreement.