Transmission Capital

Electricity network development solutions

Transmission Investment provides all the services necessary to develop an electricity transmission or distribution project from the pre-feasibility stage into construction. Our staff have decades of experience in developing electricity transmission or distribution projects for TSOs and DNOs and as offshore wind farm developers. Our staff have led the development of several electricity interconnectors and grid connections for offshore wind farms, as well as many of the more traditional onshore electricity transmission and distribution network reinforcement schemes.

In particular we have led the development of the 1400MW FAB interconnector from first concept, including:

  • Managing environmental assessment, stakeholder consultation and planning application processes
  • Obtaining all necessary consents
  • Obtaining all required land rights
  • Managing a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) process
  • Specifying, procuring and managing detailed geotechnical and geophysical onshore and offshore surveys
  • Specifying and tendering for the supply and installation contracts necessary for project construction
  • Applying for and managing connection to the GB grid
  • Dealing with all EU and UK regulatory issues
  • Obtaining grant funding from the EU for project development under the Connecting Europe Facility
  • Scoping, tendering for, and selecting specialist technical consultants and advisers to provide development input

We offer a full scope electricity transmission and development service and can advise on aspects such as:

  • Necessary land rights and consents
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Specification and tendering
  • Design for maintainability
  • Risk allocation for project financing
  • Regulation
  • Tender processes
  • Structure of regulatory arrangements (licensing)
  • Risk allocation and incentives

If you would like to discuss potential Transmission Investment development solutions then please contact:

Chris Veal, Managing Partner
Tel: +44 20 3146 7043