Transmission Capital

Projects: Westermost Rough

Transmission Capital Partners was declared the preferred bidder for the Westermost Rough offshore transmission licence on the 15th May 2015. We have established TC Westermost Rough OFTO Ltd as a special purpose company to own the transmission assets and hold the transmission licence.

TC Westermost Rough OFTO was awarded a transmission licence on the 4th February 2016 and took ownership of the assets on the 12th February 2016. The transfer value of the assets was £156.7m.

The project connects the 210MW Westermost Rough windfarm located off the Holderness Coast in the East Riding of Yorkshire to National Grid’s 275kV substation at Hedon near Hull; via 27 kilometres of 150kV subsea and land cables including the associated onshore and offshore substations. [See Ofgem press release]