Transmission Capital

Leading the way on interconnector development

Interconnectors provide a means of contributing to the European energy trilemma by providing energy security, environmental benefits and economic savings:

  • Energy Security: interconnectors provide mitigation against power shortages, for example, at times of cold weather coincident with unexpected shutdowns at power stations. Interconnectors are also an important system balancing tool, helping to integrate different sources of electricity generation across Europe, enabling better coordination of supply and demand and improving overall system stability.
  • Environmental: interconnectors allow low carbon electricity to flow between European countries more easily and enable carbon and renewables targets to be met more cost effectively.
  • Economic: economic benefits are available through greater disposable income from lower domestic electricity prices, and enhanced competitiveness for businesses benefitting from reduced energy input costs.

Transmission Investment is leading on the development of the FAB interconnector project (read more on FAB) and is also evaluating other interconnector development opportunities.