East Anglia One

Date of TransferTBA
Asset Transfer Value (£M)715.1
MW capacity - TEC (MW)680
N. of Offshore Substations1
Number of Export Cables2
Voltage of Export Cables (kV)220
Offshore Exp Cable Length (km)86
Onshore Exp Cable Length (km)37
Onshore Grid Connection PointBramford
Average availability (%)TBA


Transmission Capital Partners was declared the preferred bidder for the East Anglia One offshore transmission licence on the 21st December 2020 and established TC East Anglia One OFTO Ltd as a special purpose company to acquire the East Anglia One offshore transmission assets.

The East Anglia One offshore transmission assets connect the 714MW East Anglia One offshore windfarm to the National Grid 400kV electricity transmission network at Bramford substation near to Ipswich in Suffolk.

The 220kV export cable route is 85km offshore and 37km onshore and comes ashore close to the village of Bawdsey. A single 220/66kV offshore substation steps up the voltage from the 66kV of the wind turbines to allow efficient transmission at 220kV to the onshore substation.The onshore substation further raises the 220kV export voltage to the 400kV of the National Grid and incorporates specialised equipment to ensure the quality of supply to the grid is maintained to the required standards.

The project is expected to be acquired in Q3 2022 with an estimated transfer value of £715m.