Date of Transfer27/09/2011
Asset Transfer Value (£M)33.6
MW capacity - TEC (MW)90
N. of Offshore Substations1
Number of Export Cables1
Voltage of Export Cables (kV)132
Offshore Exp Cable Length (km)27
Onshore Exp Cable Length (km)4
Onshore Grid Connection PointHeysham
Average availability (%)99.95


Transmission Capital Partners was declared preferred bidder for the Barrow offshore transmission licence on 5th August 2010 and established TC Barrow OFTO Ltd as a special purpose company to acquire the Barrow offshore transmission assets. TC Barrow OFTO Ltd was awarded a transmission licence and took ownership of the assets on 27th September 2011. The transfer value of the assets was £33.6m.

The Barrow offshore transmission assets connect the 90MW Barrow offshore windfarm to the 132kV electricity distribution network at Heysham substation in Lancashire. The 132kV export cable route is 26km offshore and 4km onshore.

The Barrow offshore transmission assets are the assets with the lowest transfer value tendered by Ofgem, and were the third offshore transmission assets to be acquired by an offshore transmission licensee, giving Transmission Capital Partners the first three offshore transmission licences to be awarded. Barrow was the UK’s first Offshore Wind Farm with an offshore substation and 132kV export cable when it was commissioned in 2006.