Connecting CountriesLatvia to Sweden
Cross Border Capacity (MW)500
Expected Capital Cost (€M)800
N. of Converter Stations3
Number of HVDC Cables2
Voltage HVDC Cables (kV)320
Length (km)
Grid Connection PointOskarshamn
Grid Connection PointGrobina
Commissioning YearTBC

LaSGo Link is a new multi terminal HVDC sub-sea interconnector project linking Sweden, the Island of Gotland and Latvia. The project consists of two sections: a 700MW internal grid reinforcement between the Swedish mainland and the island of Gotland and a 500MW cross border connection between the island of Gotland and Latvia.

LaSGo Link is being developed to increase grid capacity to Gotland and increase the level of cross border capacity in the Baltic Sea region. This will meet the current challenge of security of supply experienced in this region thereby supporting industry and the further growth of wind power on and around Gotland. The connection between Gotland and Latvia will provide further routes to market for energy traders thereby reducing internal grid congestion in Sweden and providing socio-economic benefit to both Sweden, Latvia and the interconnected markets in the Baltic Sea region.

Beyond the economic benefits of the 500MW of cross border capacity between Sweden and Latvia, the connection on Gotland will eventually replace the aging existing HVDC cable connection between the Swedish mainland and Gotland which is expected to come to end of life between 2030 and 2035. This internal Swedish grid reinforcement will support the connection of significantly more offshore wind expected to be greater than 1GW in the seas around the island. Furthermore, the project will mitigate current security of supply issues limiting the industrial expansion on the island with a decarbonised energy approach.

LaSGo Link has been recognised by ENTSO-e’s Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) as providing significant benefit to European socio-economic welfare and to decarbonising the energy market. The project has been listed as project number 1068 in TYNDP 2020.

Further information on LaSGo Link and the independently identified benefits can be found on the TYNDP project specific report:

LaSGo link is in the early stages of development and we are currently establishing the terms of development with authorities and local Transmission System Owners in Sweden, Gotland and Latvia. We expect to begin grid connection applications and the development of regulatory terms over the coming year.

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