Transmission Capital

Why work for Transmission Investment?

Renewable energy is one of the most exciting and important fields in Europe today. Offshore wind energy, in which Britain is the world leader, is the fastest growing source of renewable energy. The transmission systems that transport power from offshore wind farms are growing faster still as they are being required to transport power from larger wind farms further out to sea.

Electricity Interconnectors have the ability to assist the UK and its neighbours in dealing with the energy trilemma of energy security, affordability and sustainability. Whilst the technology for these projects is well established they are large, complex and high profile infrastructure projects, and can be some of the most challenging infrastructure projects to successfully develop into construction. Transmission Investment is a leading independent developer of electricity interconnectors, working internationally with established and respected partners.

Transmission Investment is one of the few businesses to offer you the chance the focus on these exceptionally interesting and fast moving areas. We have an entrepreneurial culture that encourages and rewards innovation as well as a focus on customer satisfaction. Above all we take pride in our work and our employees.